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Connect with Your Essence and Let Your Light Shine!

Connect with Your Essence and Let Your Light Shine!

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There is possibility within you beyond what you might be currently experiencing.

Are you…

  • Living in fear and anxiety?
  • Trying to hold your life together but know it’s falling apart?
  • Settling for less and accommodating others?
  • Struggling with money and finding there is never enough?
  • Seeing your kids struggle and don’t know what to do?
  • Feeling helpless and hopeless about your situation?
  • Ready for a breakthrough in abundance and freedom?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, then it’s time to connect with your essence…

There is light and fluidity within you! When you tap into this, it allows infinite possibilities to occur effortlessly. When this source is left untapped, you struggle, suffer, and fight to get through life. But your life does not need to be a constant scramble lived in limitations and lacking. Connect to your essence, which is the source of light within you. Just like SUNSHINE, it’s free, abundant, and effortless to receive.

The Sunshine Effect is NOT about being positive, working harder, or learning more. In fact the harder you try to “get ahead,” the more you will struggle. That is because you’re disconnected from the Light that you already ARE. It is your birthright to SHINE! When you receive the love and light you need to thrive, all good things come naturally.

It is already your natural state to:

  • Live in harmony and abundance
  • Share love with others
  • Experience peace and joy each day
  • Enjoy life and your body
  • Love the work you do and be appreciated for it
  • Live in wealth and freedom

When you open to receive sunshine, it flows through you. It serves you, and brings possibilities into your life and the lives of others. When you “shine” you invite others to do the same.

Personal Transformations

Christine Ferullo

It’s hard for me to focus on myself and give myself permission to make time for me, but when I do, I’m so much happier for it and I’m a better person for and to those I love most.

What’s been so incredible about my work with Shama is how she takes me out of my head and leads me into my heart. I could start out feeling so stuck and like nothing was going to change or move. And, even as we tapped through those feelings and I felt sure nothing was going to shift, it DID!

I could literally feel myself operating on a higher frequency. I can be a fairly skeptical person, yet, I’ve seen shifts in myself and in my energy through working with Shama that are undeniable.

Christine Ferullo
Owner, BelloPhoto

Who is Shama Fulham?

Shama K. Fulham

When I became a mother and started taking my daughters to the pediatrician, I quickly realized they were only looking at the physical body… treating and covering symptoms. It felt incomplete to me. I wanted to know more, believing there was more to it! My journey of discovery took me beyond medications and the conventional system. I explored many modalities, diets and therapies to heal myself and my family, quickly discovering that we had to look at The Whole Self: our physical, mental and emotional body. I now view health in neutrality, applying everything I’ve learned. And, I continue to explore and expand myself in this work. I don’t believe there is one right thing for everyone. You have to truly look at the individual and assist them in ensuring their needs are met emotionally, physically, mentally and medically. Through my persistence in wanting to find something more, I now have many tools in my toolbox to assist me, my family and those who choose to walk this journey with me. I hope you join me! I feel so blessed to share this knowledge and watch amazing individual transformations. It brings me such joy… truly, there are no words to describe it!

How does the Sunshine Effect work?

Everything in your life is responding to YOU. Your life is made of energy and it’s a reflection of the energy you are in. The beliefs, judgments, and unresolved experiences you’ve had alive within you. When you unconsciously harbor self-hate or unworthiness you limit life’s flow. This blocks the abundance and freedom that’s available to you.

I work with you to release old energies of self-hatred, worthlessness, and lack. This opens you to receive you true nature of abundance, freedom, ease, and pure love. I connect with your energy to assist you in finding and transmuting the energies you’ve held for decades. You will expand beyond your belief systems, memories, and old stories so you can be free.

Connect with Shama

Ready to explore working together? Send me a message and we will book a time to talk more about you and what you want to achieve. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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