Embody Your True Nature...Love



Melanie M.

Over the years I have had the distinct honor of having Shama work with my daughter and me.  After each session with Shama I notice changes in my life; conversations with family members that bring about healing, opportunities that days before did not seem possible and most importantly a sense of peace.  The energetic shifts that occur when I work with Shama allow me to reconnect with my essence and deepen my awareness of when I am drifting from my true nature.  If you are interested in experiencing deeply transformative healing work than Shama is absolutely the practitioner for you. Her capacity to heal comes from the strongest of all foundations~ Love.  Working with Shama is a gift everyone benefits from!

Melanie M.

Work with Shama

Jesse  S.

Shama worked with me two sessions/days in a row via zoom meeting.
I was struggling with a depression and darkness and lethargy...
The heaviness surrounding me is gone. My lethargy is gone. I feel newly inspired and more like "me". I feel lighter and feel the power that I am.
Thank you Shama for your intuition and amazing gift!!

"If You Wish To Understand The Universe, Think Of Energy, Frequency, And Vibration"  

Nikola Tesla